Calm for parents and caregivers - calm for the people you care for.

Accessible moving mindfulness with a focus on autism, ADHD, dementia and mental health.

Parents and Caregivers

Find out ways to care for yourself, ideas for enjoyable, short relaxing movement breaks and the tools and techniques to help find happiness and calm for you and for the people that you care for.

Tai Chi and Qigong

Explore how you can quickly start to experience the benefits of easy to follow movements and enjoy a feeling of flow, relaxation and find balance with your mind, body and breath.


Discover how short moving mindfulness breaks can provide big gains in wellbeing for you, your family and community - helping you to move through the day and increase your wellbeing.

"When I get angry or sad, I do the moves and I feel calm."

"I really look forward to the classes and find I can use the breathing and warm up exercises in my everyday life to enhance my relaxation.”

Adult Participant - Community Group

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"Great news - our podcast is coming next week."

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Free access to the movement for calm membership

If you are living in Auckland and you are supporting a child or young adult that has a disability or a mental health challenge – you can join the programme for free.

“Tai Chi has made an amazing difference to our class...It is something which is integral to our day. We use the calm and focus exercises as a tool to distract and calm the children. Even better and more important is the way the children are using this at home."

Teacher - Primary Additional Needs School

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